You know, this really bothers me. Here I am working on my first (ok well not first, but first actual WoW blog post that I will keep up) and what is in my feed reader? Another awesome blog quitting the game. Man I hate it. I feel like I am coming into this game too late, and I am not even new to the game. Sigh.

So anyways, I guess that with the loss of one among many (I would link but she is deleting all of her posts ) there is room for another rising star.

So here I am. A little back ground. I currently play on Terenas. I play a 80 restro/balance druid, an 80 fire/frost mage, a 72 holy paladin, and a 73 hunter. Ok ok ok, I honestly play the druid and mage, but the others are there, incase I am ever bored.

I started playing this game after my brother in law gave up counterstrike to play it. We had made fun of it for so long, but he tried it and was hooked. I stood by my I cant understand paying monthly for a videogame model opinions, but then I finally tried it. I created Tillachip, my hunter, on the trial and leveled up to probably 12 or 15, but I could not continue leveling skinning, and this was frustrating for me. Shortly after I ran into that cap I went out and bought the full game and haven’t looked back.

So I still remember leveling and playing fro my first time in THE BARRENS (of doom). I mean it wasn’t that bad, but I do distinctly recall getting laughed at by my brother when I spent silvers on a white weapon from the vendor. It said it did more DPS in the tool tip so I bought that bad boy as fast as I could. Yeah, we learn a lot in this game don’t we?

Anyways, I played Tilla till early 60’s, but my brother in law played a Holy Paladin that was raiding and fairly progressed for our server. So… I started my holy paladin, just to try it out. Enter Healingchip. Healingchip was ok to play, but I really loved playing in a group. RFK, RFD, those were awesome. I was studly at that time. Then I finally discovered the BG’s. Let me tell you, healing a BG is like super easy godmode on a paladin at 29 and 39. I built my first BIS item list and a list of trick gear that would be helpful, then ground them out. (one day I will link some of my favorites) After a while I decided to make Healinchip my “main” and leveled him. Due to the way that I play, that took a long time to level, but I got some Kara, Mags, and Gruul in on him prior to xpac.

JonGalt, my current main (should be woodchip, but my friend was woodchips already, and I thought that they were too close) is a druid that I started before 3.0. The only reason that I know that is the fact that I remember buying the badge of tenacity about 2 months before the xpac hit and knowing when I bought it that it would be limited use to me. Anyways, I built him to be a tank, but he is a tree. I really hate how people have mains and alts, but to ne honest, this guy turned into my main somehow. Playing as a bear is easymode with the right gear, and I kept him geared the whole way I leveled. I might have been slower than a lot of folks, but I hardly ever died.

And then there is Moirain. Moirain is my (wife’s) mage. She is a crit monster, and just a death dealer. Not a lot to say on her at the moment. I will have to make at least one post dedicated to her.

That is kind of my background in this WoW. I currently play jongalt, the tree and occasional chicken. I do a lot of battlegrounds, the occasional heroic or 5 man, and 10 games a week of 2v2 for pity points. (by the way I won my first 2v2 last night, yes, I am a scrub in arena)

Anyways, I will provide some links for jongalt and healingchip in a bit. Thank you for reading this admittedly dry and bland post, more to come later 

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